More Tips on Getting on Your Compression Hose

Man Wearing Medical Compression Stockings On LegsIf Dr. Oswalt has recommended you start wearing compression hose or socks, either as a future preventive measure or after you’ve had a vein treatment with him, you know it’s not easy to get the darn things on! In November’s blog we shared four tips to help you get your compression hosiery on so they can start giving your legs and feet the squeeze.

But we didn’t think one blog was enough room to devote to these testy little customers. So, in March’s blog, let’s get with another four tips to help you get your compression hose on in 2022 and beyond.

In that other blog we handled these tips. Go back into November’s blog here for a refresher:

  1. Prepare your feet and legs first
  2. Get into the right position
  3. Smooth the fabric
  4. Use talcum powder

Now, here are another four tips

  1. Use a plastic bag

If you wear open-toe compression hose this trick is for you. Slip a plastic bag over your foot and heal. This will allow you to slip on your hose with ease thanks to the bag’s slippery surface.

Once your compression sock or stocking is on, carefully pull out the loose plastic bag through the open toe of your stocking.

  1. Apply lotion only at night

Applying lotion and creams to the legs will make it difficult to put on your stockings. Moisturized skin tends to stick to or grab the fabric of the socks as you attempt to put them on. So, put lotion on at night before going to bed rather than in the morning. By the morning it will be fully absorbed into your skin and not grabby to the hose.

  1. Resort to a donning tool

Donning tools are made expressly for this purpose. They are very helpful if you are an elderly person or anyone with a mobility issue. Be sure to check the measurements and size requirements before purchasing. If you’re having trouble figuring out the contraption, check the instructional videos on YouTube.

  1. Donning gloves

Donning gloves are a great tool to help you firmly grasp your stockings without tearing them. It can be quite difficult to grab and pull the stocking fabric with your bare hands. This is where the gloves come to your rescue.

There, now you have eight tips to help you get the benefits out of your compression socks or stockings. After all, you need to get them on first, right? If you have other questions about your compression socks or stockings, or if you need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Oswalt, give us a call at Fort Worth Vein Center, (817) 536-9600.

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