Are My Genes to Blame for Vein Disease?

attractive young overweight woman in activewear choosing healthy lifestyleHaving healthy veins often goes overlooked as we age. Although it’s easy to forget to keep an eye on our circulation, it’s still crucial to do. According to studies, nearly 40 percent of the U.S population suffers from some form of vein disease. Understanding how vein disease develops can help you find the best treatment for your situation.

Here are several causes of vein disease and treatment methods for the condition.


There are many instances where vein disorders get passed down through families. If one parent has diseased veins, there is a 40% chance you could develop them. This number goes up to nearly 90% if both parents have diseased veins. Scientists haven’t yet identified a gene related to vein disease. But, some believe vein disease heredity depends on vein strength.

Your Occupation

Believe it or not, the nature of your job can increase your likelihood of vein disease. Occupations requiring extended periods of sitting or standing can put you at risk. If this is the case, taking breaks, wearing compression socks, and moving around can help improve blood flow in your legs.

Being Overweight

Excess weight can open the door to conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Obesity can also put you at risk for vein disease.

Being overweight puts strain on your leg veins and damages them over time. As a result, the veins struggle to move blood from your legs back to your heart, creating a backflow. Once blood flows backward, it causes your veins to bulge and show themselves as varicose veins. Managing your weight can help you limit the strain on your heart and veins and limit your risk of vein disease.


Similar to a poor diet, smoking can significantly impact your vein health. Chemicals in cigarette smoke cause fatty deposits and plaque to build in veins. Fat buildup in the veins slows down your circulation. This makes your heart work harder to pump blood throughout your body. The harder your heart works, the greater your risk of heart conditions.

By quitting, you can reduce the pressure on your heart and veins, helping reduce the consequences of smoking.

If you believe your vein health is compromised, we’re here to help. Fort Worth Vein Center specializes in many vein conditions. We can help create a plan that works best for your situation and get your health on track. To schedule a consultation, call us today at 817-536-9600.

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