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Fort Worth Vein Center is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 14 ratings.

Dr. Oswalt and his staff are very friendly, they work around your schedule and simply the best!!
Ramesh D.
Fort Worth Vein Center
From my first visit, I have been really pleased by Dr. Oswalt and all of the employees. I was informed about the treatment I would receive and Dr. Oswalt informed me of what I should expect. When I had the last treatment, I felt that Dr Oswalt had accomplished all the goals he gave me at the beginning. I would highly recommend Dr. Oswalt!
Calvin D.
Fort Worth Vein Center
Everything from my initial phone call to office visit, has been top notch!
Shannon G.
Fort Worth Vein Center
Terrific staff and doctor, keeping the quality in the doctor /patient relationship alive and well!
Nikki F.

Dr. Oswalt is extremely proficient and compassionate. He and his staff truly care and want the best outcome possible for each and every patient they see. I highly recommend Dr. Oswalt for anyone seeking vein treatment. And as a nurse myself I am extremely picky in my choice of physicians. My husband and I drove 7 hours round trip to see Dr. Oswalt and it was totally worth it!

They are always so professional and polite. I look forward to every visit!

My name is Joana and I have varicose vein issues on my right leg. I am sure , you the one that will read this post, can comprehend and relate to the pain and the ugliness, the tiredness that comes with them. Thank the Universe , I discovered Dr. Oswalt and he assisted me with the process of eliminating the bad veins so I don’t have to continue with the cruel pain and stiffness.
Joanna I.

Dr. Oswalt is very caring and knowledgeable! His staff all care for, and respect me. I have had wonderful results with all my treatments from them. I love going to them. Thank you!!
Beverly H.

Great experience today! No wait time to be seen and spider vein treatment went smoothly. Layne made sure I was 100% satisfied before ending my treatment. I’m glad to know I have a new vein care facility!
Elizabeth H.

My first visit to Dr. Oswalt office, Dr. Oswalt & Cindy (asst) were at the front desk. Dr. Oswalt & Cindy greeted me with a Good morning & a smile. My personal experience, if a physician is at the front desk and a patient walks in, physician walks away. Cindy checked me in. Assistant Melody walked in and greeted me with a smile & Good morning. After checking me in I was taken to a room, within a minute Dr. Oswalt come in (again) a smile & Good morning. Dr. Oswalt asked me the reason for my visit. Explained my issues and concerns. Dr. Oswalt "LISTENED" to my issues & concerns. He patiently explained the process. Not once did he make me feel rushed. We needed to schedule a Sonogram to better understand what was going on with my veins. My second visit greeted by Melody & Cindy with a smile & Good morning. Checked in, was taken back to a room. Within a minute Christen (Sonogram Tech) walked in, with a smile introduced herself. she explained the procedure & we walked to the Sonogram room. As Christen was doing the test along the way she was explaining what she was doing. Area needed to be squeezed she would say, I am going to give a little squeeze here. When the test was completed, Christen walked me back to the room said Dr. Oswalt would be in to go over the results. Absolutely a delightful young lady. Dr. Oswalt walked in within a minute & we went over the results of the Sonogram. He patiently explained to me what need to be done, never rushing me. Wanted to be certain I understood the treatment plan. His priority is the "PATIENT". We decided on a treatment plan. Cindy reinforced the treatment plan Dr. Oswalt & I discussed. Cindy told me if I have any questions at any time do not hesitate to call. Dr. Oswalt & his staff make you feel like family. Anyone having vein issues, Dr. Oswalt is the physician you want to see. Haven't meet a physician like Dr. Oswalt in a long time. You are a "PATIENT" NOT A NUMBER!! There is a saying: a Degree is just a piece of paper. Your education is seen in your "BEHAVIOR" Dr. Oswalt behavior is nothing less than "SUPERIOR" He is the best!
Sharon S.
Fort Worth Vein Center

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