How Can a Doff and Donner Device Help Me?

Man Putting On Medical Compression Stockings On LegsVaricose and spider veins can be an unpleasant sight. Many surgical methods can help resolve the problem, but many people worry about the idea of having surgery. 

If you suffer from venous conditions but want to avoid surgery, there are conservative alternatives that can help. A typical strategy to help treat venous conditions symptoms is using compression garments. Sometimes, however, venous conditions can make putting on compression garments a challenge, especially if no one is available to assist you. A Doff and Donner device can help you deal with the complications of venous conditions, helping you get your quality of life back. Here are a few points on how it works and if it’s the best tool to assist in your treatment.

What is a Doff and Donner Device?

A doff and donner device can be helpful as you work through venous conditions and is a tool that can serve as a helping hand for you to keep symptoms of venous disorders at bay. The doff and donner device design features a long cone and grip system that you can use with your compression garments. When the cone and grip are combined, these devices can help make it easier to put your compression garments on and, as a by-product, help with circulation. 

 What Does a Doff and Donner Device Do?

If you rely on compression garments to help combat symptoms of venous conditions, you can understand that getting them on can be a hassle sometimes. A Doff and Donner device makes it easier for you to put on and take off compression garments, such as compression socks, that play a vital role in helping relieve your symptoms.

Our Approach to Your Vascular Health

Some vascular centers take a one-size-fits-all approach to vascular health. Here at Fort Worth Vein Center, we take the time to discover a method that works best for your needs. For instance, if undergoing a vascular procedure makes you uncomfortable, we can offer many conservative tactics to help ease your discomfort from venous conditions, including Doff and Donner Devices and compression garments.

We are happy to help find the best care to fit your situation and are eager to speak with you. To learn more about your treatment options, please schedule a consultation with our office by calling us at 817-536-9600.

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