Why Do Spider Veins Happen?

Spider veins on the womans legs sclerotherapy treatmentLots of things happen to our bodies as we age. Our hair turns gray, wrinkles and fine lines show up on our faces, and keeping weight off becomes a much more difficult task. Spider veins are another sign that we’ve reached an older age, and they happen when damaged valves in the veins prevent blood from flowing normally.

Healthy veins can push blood back up to our heart, fighting gravity. Unhealthy veins in older adults have weaker walls, resulting in blood flowing backward and pooling in our veins instead of moving up.

This continual pressure of excess blood in the vein can make it bulge out and weaken resulting in the spider vein. They are most commonly found on legs, but can also show up on other parts of the body as well.

How Can I Prevent Them?

Unfortunately, some people have a higher chance of developing spider veins than others based on their genetics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent them from happening to some degree. One of the best things you can do is increase your body’s circulation by exercising regularly, elevating your legs, and avoiding soaking in hot baths for long periods of time.

It can also be helpful to control your weight and try not to gain a significant amount. Large weight can add pressure to our legs, which can increase the chances of developing this condition.

Additionally, you can consider wearing compression socks on your legs to help regulate circulation if you need an extra boost. A doctor can help you determine which kind of compression sock can be right for your particular body.

See Your Doctor

If you’re worried about developing spider veins or are starting to notice some form, you should reach out to Dr. Oswalt to schedule a consultation. The treatment for this condition is incredibly easy and patients tend to see results in 3 to 6 weeks.

The doctor will use sclerotherapy treatment, which involves injecting chemicals into the veins to cause irritation to the area. This results in better circulation in the veins, as well as a reduction in swelling.

Contact Dr. Oswalt at Fort Worth Vein Center in Fort Worth, Texas to schedule a consultation today by calling 817-536-9600.

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